lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Little Red - 1,3 and 8

These are three illustrations from the first sequence of Little Red.
Acrylic on grey BFK Rives. Click to see them larger.

Little Red - 1

Little Red - 3

Little Red - 8

Little Red - First sequence

First sequence of “Little Red”.

This is clearly influenced by the illustrations from “Birgit” I wanted to investigate further in sequences and transformations. I think I’m not done with both things yet. I feel very inspired by the concept of metamorphosis.

It’s pretty strange when you look back and you noticed how your work progress. Sometimes the evolution is very obvious, sometimes there are breakthroughs, but you don’t notice it in the moment.

When I’m working on a book, I hardly can explain what I’m going to do before I’ve done it, which can to be a real problem when you have to show storyboards and explain your project, but, after all is done, I can see clearly a lot of things I didn’t see before. Everything has sense when you look back.

Anyway, this is the first sequence of the book. The sequence is called “Going Red”.

Acrylics on grey BFK Rives


domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Little Red - Cover

Cover for “Little Red”.
This is the cover for my just published picture book, “Little Red”.
It’s the only illustration no belonging to one of the three sequences  of the book.
The technique is acrylics. It’s been a little hard for me getting comfortable with acrylics since I love oils and watercolors, but they have their own strenghts and I’m glad to have used them for this book.
The final cover as it's in the book is very clean, with just the title and my name. I like it a lot.

Little Red - Cover


Little Red

Little Red is alredy out and running.
This is the second picture book of my own, done both as author and illustrator. It barely has text, just a title for each of the three sequences. It’s about Little Red Riding Hood, of course. Some years ago I illustrated the Grimm’s text and I felt in love with the story. It’s funny. It was not, by all means, my favourite tale when I was a child but now I can not stop thinking of stories and images about Little Red.
The book is made of three sequences, “Going Red”, “the Game of Questions”, and “Going out”.  Illustrations are like photograms, stills in a silent film.
It’s been published in Italy by Logos.
ISBN: 978 88 576 0529 6
If you want to acquire a copy, it’s in Amazon, and in the publisher’s site

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Dracula's Brides

Inner illustration for "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.
The three brides are quite fascinating. 
I'm sure each one of them had a little sad and interesting story.

I liked the drawing a lot, so I scanned it before apply the painting. The original work in acrylics is almost identical to the final work, which only has a little adjust in computer, but I've uploaded both versions anyway to be true to the process.

 Final Work